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Sarah J. VanTol

As the daughter of one of the first students in the glass fusing industry very early in my life, glass fusing is all I've really known. Glass fusing is a technique that was only created in 1980 in the pacific northwest and my mother was one of first students of the pioneers in this medium. She became a fusing expert, and I became her apprentice. From my grade school years of creating fused glass jewelry, I have grown with the entire industry of glass fusing and have seen the fused glass movement move throughout the nation. It is a diverse medium where imagination and inquisitiveness yield amazing artistic creations.


.Glass is such a rich medium that translates into a elegance and sophistication.  This is where my art moves toward.  As I grow as a glass artist, the use of other types of media have become of more importance in conveying my artistic image.  Textures, colors, and shapes are ongoing inspiration for the art creations that form.


I love to see how my art affects others as it is shared through various venues.  I am continually honored as many purchase my artwork to grace their homes and I look forward for creating more to come.



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